Nursing sports bra from KAISER helps nursing staff cope with traumatic events

The nursing bra from the KAISSER brand has helped to cope with the trauma of a traumatic incident.

The KAESSER Nursing Bra was designed to help with the anxiety that comes with being a new nurse and was developed by KAISTO, the company that manufactures KAASERS bra.

The nursing Bra has been designed with the help of a medical team to help people cope with trauma, the KAsERS nursing team said in a press release.

The company said it had received positive feedback from patients and staff, and it was working on a new nursing bra that would help to help support staff cope more effectively during their recovery.

The new nursing Bra is expected to launch later this year.

The KAISAER nursing bra was developed in partnership with the University of Sydney School of Nursing.

The bra features a flexible elastic fabric and an adjustable cup.

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KAISSERS nursing bra will be available to nursing staff in October 2019.