What to expect at the new nursing specialties convention at Frontier Nursing University in Colorado

Nursing specialties are in a frenzy these days.

The first day of the convention will be dominated by the opening keynote address by Dr. David A. Hirsch, president and CEO of Frontier Nursing.

He is speaking on “Nursing Specialties: A Future to Dream.”

The topic: the future of nursing.

The convention will also feature the first day-long lecture by Drs.

Christine N. Siegel and John D. Koczela, two leaders of the field and co-founders of the American College of Nursing.

The convention will culminate in a panel discussion with Dr. Paul S. Ehrlich, a founding dean of the School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University.

The panel will cover topics ranging from global warming to the challenges facing the field, including the role of the health care workforce in meeting the challenges of a rapidly aging population.

There will be plenty of discussion about the importance of the profession in the 21st century.

This year, Frontier Nursing is also hosting its annual Nursing Research Symposium, an annual event that aims to give the profession a renewed focus.

Hirsch is also in town, but that’s only the beginning.

Frontier Nursing’s specialties include advanced nursing, geriatrics, general surgery, pediatrics, nursing home care, occupational therapy, rehabilitation, hospice care, and nutrition.

In addition to its own programs, Frontier will be hosting a new specialty conference, which will be the first in its 35-year history, this year featuring a keynote address from Dr. Gary B. St. Germain, president of the National Association of Surgeons of North America.

Frontier’s newest specialties conference will be held at Frontier’s facility in Las Vegas.

The new conference, to be held April 12-15, will include a variety of events, including seminars, seminars on nursing, nursing symposiums, nursing workshops, nursing conferences, a banquet and a networking event.

Last year, the convention was held in Denver.