What to know about the new NHAI health insurance policy

The National Health Insurance (NHI) is trying to woo a group of about 50,000 women who earn less than $20,000 a year by offering a discount on health insurance.NHAI has put up a Facebook page that promises a special discount of 50% to women earning less than about $40,000.

The company says the offer is for women who work, have children or are retired.

The Facebook page also says the discount is for “caregivers, caregivers of children, seniors and dependent children”.NHAIs offering the special discount is a big deal for women, said Shari Srivastava, director of the Women’s Health and Economic Empowerment Center at the Center for American Progress (CAPE).

“There’s a lot of women who have struggled with the cost of health insurance,” said Srivascava.

“This offers them the chance to get health insurance and reduce the costs.”NHA has a long history of making special offers to women.

A few years ago, the company offered a discount of 25% on dental services to women who worked part time.

In December 2015, the NHA introduced a special offer to help cover the cost for women with children, who often struggle to find affordable health insurance coverage.

A spokesperson for the NHE told the Washington Post that the offer was designed to provide financial support to women in the household.

The NHA is also looking to expand the offer to include a small group of women.

The website also offers a list of women earning $30,000 to $50,000 who may qualify for the discount.

The offer was initially announced as part of the “I Am Your Doctor” campaign, a campaign launched by NHA to help women identify and access the care they need.

The campaign, which launched in July, aims to help 50 million Americans find qualified health care professionals, which it says will “help reduce health care costs, reduce the uninsured and expand access to care for women.”