Which American nurses should be celebrating this year?

The American Nurses Association is celebrating Happy Nurse Anesthetists Day with a huge, but limited celebration in Los Angeles.

It’s the first year the ANA has celebrated this day.

The ANA says this year it’s to celebrate nurses and their amazing work. 

“It’s a day for all nurses and our country’s nurses,” said ANA president, Andrea D. Williams.

“It’s about celebrating our incredible nurses, and that nurses are doing amazing work.”

The ANA is holding a day of remembrance for nurses who were at the scene of the tragedy. 

The ARA is hosting a day celebrating nurses who died and helping them pay tribute to those who are still living. 

On the day, the ARA will pay tribute for the nurses and families who lost their lives.

It will also raise funds for the families and pay tribute. 

This year, the celebration will include a panel discussion on nurses’ contributions to American healthcare. 

A panel discussion will be hosted by the AHA’s national executive director, Michelle M. Smith, and will be moderated by Dr. David L. Tompkins, chief medical officer of the AEA.

The panel will include Dr. Karen W. Miller, chair of the department of medicine at the University of New Hampshire School of Medicine and chair of OB/GYN practice at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs; Dr. Sarah K. Linn, a former nursing assistant in the Washington, D.C., VA Medical Center; and Dr. Nancy L. Hensley, director of the Center for Nursing Research and Training at the Center on Nursing and Health Professions at the George Washington University School of Public Health.

Dr. Tommie Smith, the president of the American Nursers Association and former chief of the division of obstetrics and gynecology at Johns Hopkins University, will be in attendance. 

It’s unclear what kind of panel discussion this year will feature, and Drs.

Miller and Linn said they could not comment at this time.


Lins and Miller said they had a hard time understanding why the ADA did not announce the panel discussion, which they both attended.

“There’s so many nurses in this country who are working so hard, and they deserve to be celebrated,” said Dr. LINS. 

But, she said, the lack of a panel is a problem. 

What about the ABA’s sister organization, the American Association of Registered Nurse Organizers? 

“We do want to have the most diverse pool of nurses,” explained AHA national director, Lacey J. Gaskins. 

Gaskins said she hopes the panel will highlight the tremendous contributions nurses make to healthcare, but added, “We need to have this discussion to acknowledge how we are going to improve the care of the people who work with us, and how we’re going to make sure that nurses have the skills to serve patients. 

Dr. JASHA, the organization that represents the AOA’s nurse and registered nurse workforce, will also be hosting a panel of experts and guests on the day. 

In a statement, Dr. Gasks said the panel “will include a diverse group of experts in healthcare, including healthcare workers, physicians, nurses, nurses educators, health care policy experts, and public health experts, including the director of public health at the AVA and other prominent physicians and nurses. 

We are also going to highlight how nurses and registered nurses can work together to improve health outcomes for our patients, while also working to improve healthcare for our profession.” 

In addition, there will be a reception for registered nurses, as well as a public lecture from a health care professor, and an on-site reception for nurses, which will include the opportunity to discuss the impact of healthcare reforms on the nurse workforce. 

Also, the reception for nurse practitioners will feature a reception that will include live music and the opportunity for a complimentary glass of wine. 

There will also a reception with a focus on community engagement and outreach. 

You can check out a list of participating hospitals here and a full list of panelists here. 

For more information about the celebration, visit the AIA’s website.