Which NHL team has the best cross country team?

In the NHL, there are only two teams with cross country teams.

The Nashville Predators have their cross country affiliate, the Nashville Predators Cross Country.

The Anaheim Ducks have a cross country franchise called the Anaheim Ducks Cross Country Team.

The St. Louis Blues are an independent cross country-playing franchise, which means they are not part of any NHL franchise.

There are other teams that are part of a cross-country team that play in different leagues, but their teams do not play cross country.

For instance, the Los Angeles Kings play in the Western Hockey League and their cross-city team, the Kings Cross Country, plays in the Central Hockey League.

Here is a list of the top 10 NHL teams with a cross state team.1.

Nashville Predators (Cross Country)The Nashville, Tennessee based Predators cross country club has the second-best cross country program in the NHL behind the Chicago Blackhawks.

The Predators have won the past five games to start the season.2.

Chicago Blackhawks (Cross State)The Chicago Blackhawks Cross State Hockey team has won the last five games of the season, including two straight wins against the New York Rangers.3.

Chicago White Sox (Cross City)The Boston Bruins Cross City team has taken out four of the last six games to begin the season and will likely win three of the next four.4.

Anaheim Ducks (Cross-State)The Anaheim, California based Ducks Cross State team has a 2-1-1 record in the first three games of its season, with the lone loss coming on Tuesday night against the San Jose Sharks.5.

Colorado Avalanche (Cross)The Colorado Avalanche Cross State hockey team has been dominating the cross country scene.

The Avalanche won its first two games, but have not won since Oct. 1.

The Avs are the top-ranked cross country squad in the NCAA, with a record of 4-0-0 and are the No. 1 team in the country.6.

St. John’s IceCaps (Cross state)The St John’s, New York based IceCamps Cross State Ice team has made the top six of the NCAA tournament in each of the past three seasons, winning three of those.7.

Ottawa Senators (Cross country)The Ottawa Senators cross state hockey team is the second team in Canada to win three consecutive games, with wins against Syracuse and Syracuse University.8.

Anaheim Sharks (Cross team)The Ducks Cross Team is one of the most successful teams in the nation, with its two victories coming in the last two weeks.9.

Tampa Bay Lightning (Cross cross state)Tampa Bay Lightning is one team that has a cross team in their league.

The Tampa Bay St. Lucie Lightning is the only cross state club in the Atlantic Hockey Conference.10.

Minnesota Wild (Cross city)The Minnesota Wild Cross City Hockey team is one the most talented cross state teams in hockey.

The Wild are also a team that are known for their great home ice advantage.11.

Carolina Hurricanes (Cross region)The Carolina Hurricanes cross team has become one of North America’s most successful cross state sports franchises.

The Hurricanes won their first two road games of this season, and will be one of two teams to win five straight road games.12.

San Jose Barracuda (Cross town)The San Jose, California Barracudas Cross Town Hockey team leads the North American cross state programs in points per game, points per hour played and points per minute played.13.

New York Islanders (Cross community)The New York Isles Cross Community hockey team had the second best points per games of any team in Division I last season.

The Isles have a record at 3-0 in their last four games.14.

Nashville Sharks (cross city)One of the best hockey teams in North America has a Cross team in its league.

Nashville is the first team to win seven straight games, including a sweep of the Colorado Avalanche.15.

St Louis Blues (cross state)This is the St. Laurent Blues cross town team that is one reason why they have the No, 3 overall ranking in the league in points.16.

Philadelphia Flyers (Cross county)This team has had a strong start to the season in the Eastern Conference.

The Flyers are tied for third in the conference in points, with their points per night rate at 0.95.17.

Chicago Blue Jackets (Cross area)This organization is part of the cross-state league and has a record in its last two seasons at 8-3-0.18.

Edmonton Oilers (Cross local)The Edmonton Oilers Cross Country team has dominated the cross state scene.

Edmonton has won its last five in the series, including the last three games.19.

Florida Panthers (Cross metro)This cross city franchise has been a force to be reckoned with.

The Panthers have been dominant at home, with seven straight wins.20.

Nashville Grizzlies (Cross club)The Tennessee Grizzlies Cross Club team has played in the American Hockey League for the past four seasons and has won