Which of the NFL’s nurses will get the scoop?

The NFL announced Monday that the Philadelphia Eagles have signed nursing specialist Dr. Nakia Robinson, who is expected to be the first female player to serve as a team physician since the 1970s.

Robinson, a longtime nurse, is the first African-American female in NFL history to serve in the position.

She joined the team in March and has worked at all levels of the league, including team medical and training.

Roberson, who was the team’s first nurse during the 2015 season, has been with the Eagles since 2015.

She’s spent the last six seasons as the teams principal medical officer.

She is credited with helping to stabilize the team during the Super Bowl, which the Eagles won over the Patriots 34-20.

Robson is expected in the Eagles office on Tuesday.

Robbins father, Dr. Michael Robinson, said his son’s role in the team has been well-received.

He said that his son has been a tremendous asset to the team and that he hopes to see his father’s work continue.

“Nakia has been such a great addition to the Eagles organization and the organization is proud of her,” Michael Robinson said.

“She’s had an incredible impact in all areas of the organization and is a terrific role model for all the Eagles nurses, doctors and staff members.”

In the wake of the death of Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz in February, the Eagles announced the formation of the Philadelphia Nurse Advisory Council, which includes the former Eagles quarterbacks coach and current Eagles quarterback.

The group has been working to identify and promote female leaders within the organization.

In addition to Robinson, the advisory council includes Dr. Mary Jane Wurzelbacher, a former Eagles assistant football coach, former Eagles head athletic trainer and current NFL player.

Wurzelby said that she and the Eagles are proud of Robinson’s contributions and will work to ensure that she is respected for her accomplishments.

“This council will continue to support our staff and players in the effort to ensure the health and well-being of our players,” Wurselbacher said.

Rob Robinson said she was excited to join the Eagles.

She said she had not been told if she was going to be able to join.