How to earn $100,000 a year working as a nurse in China

You can earn $50,000 per year working in nursing care in China, according to a recent nursing job posting posted by the World Health Organization.

The posting on the WHO’s website describes the position as being “a highly skilled nurse working in an acute care facility.”

WHO has a list of nursing jobs in China with salaries ranging from $30,000 to $90,000, with the highest paying jobs being the $100-million-per-year jobs, according the website.

It was unclear what role nursing care is supposed to be doing in the care of people in China.

However, Reuters reports that nursing jobs are in high demand.

The nursing industry is booming in China where there are more than 2.5 million registered nurses.

Nurses are also needed in hospitals and on the streets, according Reuters.

Some nursing schools in China are being flooded with graduates.

The government also has to hire more nurses in the workforce, according China’s government news agency Xinhua.

Many of the jobs are not available in China because the country’s healthcare system is so poor.

Nursing is also in high supply in the United States.

The American Nurses Association has reported that nurses are needed in nursing homes, hospitals and in clinics.

According to Reuters, the United Kingdom and Australia also have high demand for nurses.