How to get an RN-to-nurse interview in Canada

What to expect when interviewing for a nursing internship in Canada? 

What you’ll need to know Before you start:  Your interview materials What to bring to the interview: A resume, cover letter, cover photo, and resume cover letter. 

What’s in it for you? 

The interviewer will ask you about the career you’ve been working in for the past year, your current employer, what you want to accomplish with your new role, and your current schedule for your internship. 

In a nursing interview, you’ll be given a set of questions to answer.

You’ll be asked to provide an essay that describes your career in detail. 

Your essay will be sent to you on or before February 15th. 

The interview Your employer should expect that you’ll answer a number of the following questions: Are you familiar with the requirements of the program? 

Do you have any experience in a particular field of nursing? 

How would you feel if you were to lose your job? 

Will you work full time for the program and/or be able to work at home? 

Are there any career options available to you?

What do you expect from your new job?

Will you have to make significant sacrifices in order to take on the role? 

If you don’t have any specific questions to address, don’t worry.

You don’t need to write an essay to get a nursing job. 

Here are some sample questions you may ask during your interview:Is the nursing program an option for you, or are you going to be part of the nursing community? 

I am an RN, I want to be a nurse. 

Are nurses part of your work culture? 

Does the nursing environment align with your career goals? 

Have you had any training or experience in nursing? 

 Do you think you can be an effective nurse? 

Has the nursing job given you a sense of purpose, meaning you are passionate about what you do? 

Is the program or the industry you are applying to meet your personal goals? 

 Are you satisfied with the level of training, experience, and/ or experience that you have been given? 

You’ll need a resume that summarizes your experience, including any internships and/of your current position. 

You can find this information at the National Office of the Nursing Association (NONA), the NNSW, or your provincial or territorial branch. 

 Be prepared to explain how you plan to meet these goals. 

How long will you be working for the RN-nursING? 

In general, internships run from three to seven weeks, depending on the location, and are typically for four to eight weeks. 

Who will be the RNs How many RNs will be employed by the RN program?

There will be approximately 250 RNs participating in the program. 

Why do you think that RNs are hired? 

Nurses have been recruited from all levels of the Canadian nursing industry. 

For the past five years, the RN nursing program has had an average of approximately 1,300 nurses. 

At the start of the 2019-2020 academic year, approximately 1.2% of the RN workforce were full-time students. 

Is this the first time the RN has had this many full-timers? 


The first RN nursing school opened in Canada in 2003 and the program is not without its critics. 

Some have argued that this is an effort to lure in prospective graduates to the profession. 

While the RN profession has traditionally had a relatively low turnover rate, recent trends suggest that many RN graduates may be returning to the field, especially if they are looking to pursue a career in an advanced nursing setting. 

Do RNs have a specific role in the nursing workforce? 

There are approximately 2,200 RNs working in Canada as RNs. 

According to NBN Canada, there are approximately 1 million RNs in Canada, with an average age of 57. 

Currently, there is no minimum age for an RN. 

Will there be an RN training program?

The RN training programs are being expanded to cover more than 70 percent of the workforce. 

When will you start working? 

By the end of January 2019. 

Can you find a job at this time? 

A year is a long time to wait for a new position in Canada. 

It will take time to fill positions. 

I’ve been accepted to a nursing program.

Will you be hiring nurses? 

We are hiring nurses.

 Is it a good fit for me? 

Yes, it is a good choice for a person looking to enter the field of RN nursing. 

As a RN, you will be asked to contribute to a portfolio of programs, assist in training, provide support for the community, and support the RN community. 

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