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Nursing chairs and nursing shoes have become synonymous with the 1980s.

Now, there are new products for the new millennium, including a new line of nursing shoes.

The new nursing chairs, named after the chair of a nursing home, feature white rubber cushions and the new White Nurse Shoes range of nursing socks.

Nail polish also includes a new collection for women.

The White Nurse Shoe range includes an assortment of different nail polishes, including an exclusive blend of the iconic ’70s nail polish, ’80s red and white, ’90s red, and a ’90, and ’00s red.

In the UK, the new line is sold in stores.

Nails, including nail polish and nail curlers, are also available in a range of new designs.

The nursing shoes range comes in two styles, and are available in pink and navy, pink, and navy blue.

The nail polish is available in different shades.

The latest in nursing shoes has been designed by the designer, the designer of Nail Salon and Nail Design and the design director, Michelle Taylor.

‘This is the latest in the new generation of nursing styles,’ she said.

‘They look amazing.

I love the colours, they look timeless, and they’re easy to put on and take off.’

Nail Shop designer Michelle Taylor said that the range of White Nurse shoes was based on the original designs from the 1980’s.

‘Nursing shoes from the 80s and 90s are iconic, they’ve got a timeless feel to them, and this new generation is so much more,’ she added.

‘The new Nail Studio collection from the White Nurse range is also inspired by the original design of the chairs.’

‘Nurse Shoes are so timeless’ A selection of Nails salon, nail and nail polish are available for purchase from the Nail Shoe collection.

The ‘White Nurse Shoes’ range is priced at £15.00 each, and include a wide range of colours.

Nellie Pippa, RN, from the Royal Free Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said: ‘The White Nurse Boots are a timeless piece of nursing furniture that is as chic as they are stylish.

The designs are perfect for everyday wear and the unique design of this pair are sure to be an eye-catcher.’

‘The Nail and Shine Collection’ includes a range to suit a wide array of clients.

‘Each nail polish has a unique texture and scent, with the range giving you a selection of colours to match your nails.’

The range includes a variety of nail curler products, including the ‘Nail Studio’ which is available as a range in pink, navy, red, gold and a navy blue shade.’

Nail and polish are a classic, everyday and timeless way to wear the latest trend in nursing.’

I love the White Nurses shoes’ Nellies salon and nail care products, and will be ordering more soon’ Nail salon and care products are available at the Royal New Zealand Hospital and New Zealand’s Royal New School of Nursing.