Nursing jokes: A nurse joke about dying

A nurse jokes about dying – and it involves a nurse who has the gall to wear a pink wig, a nurse on a bus, a doctor with a black face, a school nurse, and a nurse in a coffin.

What else could you expect?

“She doesn’t have to be a nurse, she’s just a nurse,” says the nurse in the clip, filmed at a nursing home in Birmingham.

“That’s what you’re doing when you’re walking into a nursing facility.

You’re wearing pink, you’re on a school bus, you’ve got a black man with a white face, and you’re wearing a pink dress.””

It’s important.” “

And if you’re going to die, you better have a good funeral.

It’s important.”

“You don’t need to be wearing pink or wearing a black wig, that’s a joke,” says another nurse.

As the clip continues, the nurse says the reason she’s wearing the wig is because she “has to go to work” but adds: “It’s just because I have to wear it.”

The nurse laughs off the joke, but her joke is quickly taken out of context by a colleague, who tells her: “You’re not a nurse and you know that.”

Another nurse laughs: “I’ve got you covered.

I’m not a patient.”

But the joke is soon exposed by a patient.

She says: “A nurse has to wear pink to work.

You can’t go to a nursing house, you have to work at home, you get the bus to work, you put on a pink and you get on the bus.”

As she says this, a man in a black suit and white shirt walks into the room.

The woman’s colleague tells her that the nurse is wearing a white wig and says that she doesn, in fact, have to have a white mask to work in a nursing centre.

This infuriates the woman, who asks the nurse to remove the wig.

In the clip of the patient, the patient says: “I don’t care if you wear pink and a white shirt, you can’t be a doctor, can you?

You don’t know what I’m talking about.” “

You can’t wear the same wig over and over again.

You don’t know what I’m talking about.”

When the nurse tries to explain, the woman responds: “Well I don’t wear pink or a white, I wear the pink and the white, the white and the blue.

You need to get out of my way.”

What’s going on?

The clip ends with the nurse asking the patient:  “Do you think you have a problem with my wearing pink?”

The patient responds: “”Yes.

” And the clip ends.

It’s hard to make out who is laughing at the video, but the nurse can be heard saying: “No, no, no.

I have a big problem with it.

“The video has been viewed more than 50,000 times on YouTube.

A nurse is seen wearing a wig at a nurse’s home in the United States.

Video: BBC News