‘Bash-a-lama’: Warriors’ Kevin Durant on celebrating Christmas with friends and family

Warriors star Kevin Durant has been singing the praises of the Christmas season on the road to New Zealand.

Durant, who is on his way back from an injury-plagued season, has been posting Christmas carols on Instagram, in which he has joined his wife Kasey, two children and his mother-in-law in singing Happy Nurses week.

A photo posted by Kevin Durant (@kdurant1) on Dec 29, 2017 at 10:04am PST In the latest episode, Durant sings Happy Nursals week, which means it is the time of year to get together with friends, family and neighbours and celebrate Christmas together.

It is a theme Durant is keen to share with fans as the Warriors prepare for their first home game in New Zealand against the Roosters in Christchurch on Saturday night.

“Happy Nurses Week is the best time to celebrate Christmas,” Durant said.

“It is so festive, you can’t believe the things you can do with a cup of tea, or a glass of water.”

You can celebrate Christmas in different ways and there are many ways to celebrate.

It is fun.

“Happy Nurss week means it’s time to get out the festive gifts and enjoy some festive fun.

I’m thankful for my family and my friends.

#HappyNursesWeek Posted by Kevin Thunder Durant on Dec 30, 2017 in Christmas,Christmas,Christmas News Warriors star Kevon Looney celebrates Christmas in New England on December 29.

The Warriors star has been joined on the holiday by his wife and two children.

Kevin Durant has posted a picture of his Christmas carol.

The Christmas caroling theme has been a hit with fans.

In another recent episode, the Golden State Warriors star posted a video of his holiday in Australia, in what he described as a festive video.”

Happy Christmas to everyone out there.

I’ve been playing all year and I’m really enjoying myself and I’ve got my family, my friends, my mum and dad out there celebrating Christmas.

“I’m just so happy.

Merry Christmas to you all.”

In the same episode, Thunder guard Steven Adams and Thunder forward Josh Smith posted a festive photo.

Adams is celebrating Christmas in Australia on December 31.

Smith is celebrating the holiday in New South Wales.

Earlier this year, Warriors forward James McPhee shared a Christmas message on Instagram.

James McPee is celebrating holiday with his family in the Sunshine State.

McPee shared a photo of his wife.

He captioned the photo, “Happy holidays everyone!”