Medical staff in Washington state to be paid $13,000 to $16,000

Washington state is set to pay medical staff in the state a whopping $13 million over the next five years.

The amount is based on the state’s per capita medical spending and includes salaries for more than 500 nurses, therapists, social workers, doctors, dentists, social work assistants, and pharmacy workers, as well as a stipend for the state health department.

As Breitbart News reported in February, Washington state has already surpassed a previous state record, the state healthcare system spending $15.5 billion in 2016 on Medicaid and CHIP, but now is on pace to exceed that amount.

In 2018, the total healthcare spending in Washington was estimated at $20 billion.

The average salary for an RN, an OB-GYN, a nurse practitioner, a psychiatrist, and a registered nurse was $22,700.

This is more than double the average state salary of $12,500, according to a report from the Washington Association of Health Systems (WAHS).

The state will be reimbursing these healthcare providers for up to a $10,000 per year stipend to cover the costs of the healthcare, according the WAHS.

Additionally, the stipend will be based on a ratio of 5:1 to the average pay of all healthcare workers.

The state’s total healthcare cost was $14.3 billion in 2017.

The Washington Health System said that the total cost for the 2017-18 biennium is $20.3 million, which is nearly $6 billion more than the state spent in the same period in 2016.

Washington’s healthcare costs are the third highest in the nation, behind California and New York, according Kaiser Health News.

The WAHS said that its proposed healthcare program will be funded entirely through private and public sources, including through the state and federal government, as opposed to the state Medicaid system, which relies heavily on government subsidies.

WAHS Executive Director Scott Jones said in a statement to Breitbart News, “The funding plan includes a generous state subsidy of $9,000 for all WAHS employees.

In addition, we will have an annual increase of $2,000 in the $7.25 million in per-capita medical expenditures that will be covered by the WAHHS, and will provide a $3,000 cap on per-worker compensation in 2021.

This program is a huge win for Washington and we look forward to continuing our fight to improve health care for all.”

Washington Governor Jay Inslee said in an interview with Fox News that the program would not affect his state’s Medicaid expansion, which was approved by the state legislature and signed by Governor Jay Nixon in December.

“It’s not something that we’re going to look at changing in any way,” Inslee told Fox News.

“The money that we provide for WAHSS will continue to be used for what we have been doing for decades.”

In a statement, Inslee’s office said that his administration “will be providing the health care workers in our state with the funds necessary to operate efficiently, effectively, and compassionately, and the program will provide additional flexibility for employees who may choose to retire.”

The governor also said that, as the Washington Health Plan (WHP) has been working to reduce costs and streamline health care delivery, the administration will be “looking at ways to improve access to healthcare.”

The program was set up under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) as a way to increase access to affordable health insurance for low-income families.

The health system said that it will be working with other states to create more streamlined programs for people with chronic health conditions.

Washington is the second state to implement a healthcare program for healthcare workers, after Montana.

Last year, the Montana Department of Health announced a plan to offer healthcare workers a 401(k) plan.