Why is a nurse dressed like a nurse?

A nursing uniform can be a challenge to look good in and it can make nursing homes less accessible to those with health care needs, according to an article published in the journal Nursing.

While some nurses wear suits or uniforms, others choose to wear gowns and caps or dress in their signature red-and-black outfit.

Nursing home nurses wear a nurse uniform, but they do not wear their badges and diplomas.

Nursing home care assistants are required to wear a uniform to work.

Some nursing homes have made the transition from gowns to caps, but many still use the traditional nurse’s coat.

“It’s really hard to get a sense of how the nursing home is different from the general population,” said Emily Stearns, a nursing home administrator in North Carolina.

“I think nursing homes are more professional, more structured and have more rules and regulations,” she said.

Stearns says nursing homes need to be better connected to health care providers, as they have a bigger role in caring for their residents.

“The more people that are connected to the health care system, the more opportunities that are opened for a more integrated nursing home,” she added.

“A lot of nurses are very attached to their profession and they love to work with patients,” Stearn said.

“The nurses themselves have the same love of the profession.”