How much are nurses paid in the United States?

Nursing programs are a growing industry in the U.S. Nursing programs have been expanding in recent years, as hospitals and nursing homes have sought to recruit more nursing students.

The average age of nursing students is now 32.

But that is still far higher than the average age for full-time workers in other sectors.

As a result, the median annual wage for a nurse is $25,000.

That is the same as a full- time worker in construction or other services, the Labor Department reported.

But the median wage for nurses who worked full time was $36,000, which is about $6,400 less than a full time worker earning $42,000 in the private sector.

The Labor Department said that the median salary for nurses in the workforce was $37,500 in 2019.

Nursing facilities in Texas have the highest median salaries in the country.

Hospitals in Alabama and California had the lowest median pay, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.