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A nursing assistant salary has been frozen in the state for three years, and the federal government has been stepping in to help out.

The National Labor Relations Board has approved a proposal to freeze the state’s hourly minimum wage for the next three years for all state and local government employees, according to a notice posted to the agency’s website.

The move is a result of a three-year-old dispute between the California Nurses Association and the state government over the state minimum wage.

The union has been pushing for a state minimum of $10.50 an hour for nurses for more than three years.

The state and the union have both come to a deal on the minimum wage, but not how much to increase the minimum.

According to the notice, the proposed freeze would bring the state average hourly wage to $8.30 by 2019.

The notice also says the freeze would raise the state state’s statewide minimum wage to about $10 an hour by 2019, from $8 an hour.

The proposed increase would apply to all state employees.

The proposed freeze will be phased in over three years and apply to positions with a median wage of $9.00 an hour, the notice states.

The average hourly minimum for nurses in California is about $8,000 per year.

The state has a cap on hourly minimum wages that is set to $9 an hour in 2018, and $11 an hour from 2020.

The decision to freeze minimum wage has caused some concern among nurses who are considering applying for other jobs, such as nursing assistant positions.

California has one of the highest hourly pay scales in the country, but a growing number of workers are taking to the job market for lower-paying jobs.

The average annual wage for a nurse in California was $13,000 in 2018.