New legal nurse jobs for nurses, lawyers

Nursing informatics positions have been announced by the UK Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) in a move aimed at attracting more nursing graduates to the profession.

The NMC said on Monday it has appointed the first full-time nurse in the UK, and the first nurse-midwife in the country, to the role of a legal nurse consultant.

The appointment is the second for a lawyer who is also a legal adviser.

The role of legal nurse is a position that will allow lawyers to train at the NMC’s London Centre for Law, as well as in other NMC-run hospitals, including the Royal Free.

The move comes as more than 50,000 legal nurses have signed up to work at the Royal London Hospital and the National Health Service (NHS), the NMWA said.

More than 300,000 people are now working in the NMGs nursing, nursing and social care sector, NMWAs figures show.

The legal nurse position is designed to give the profession’s doctors and nurses the skills to support the work of nursing staff.

The new role comes as the NHS and the NMCA continue to grapple with the increasing number of cases of suspected Aids and coronavirus.

The figures show that in September, there were 2,068 Aids-related deaths and a further 1,836 coronaviral deaths, which the NHS has said were caused by people travelling to England for treatment from overseas.

A total of 1,904 deaths in England were caused either by people who had previously contracted Aids or people who were infected by the virus.

A further 1.1 million cases of Aids were recorded in England in September and a total of 12,823 new cases were recorded during the month.

The numbers have risen steadily since March and have continued to rise.