Nurses and Practical Nurses Association: Practical Nursing and Nurse Week 2020

Practical nurses are now required to take part in a day-long training program at their workplace, but the association says that this is no longer mandatory.

The Nursing and Midwifery Association of Australia (NMNA) has issued a statement saying the training has been “extended” to all nurses in the organisation’s network, including its national and state affiliates.

“While we know this may be frustrating for some, we recognise that nurses who have taken part in the training for a day may not have been aware of the changes and therefore we have issued a new training notice to ensure that all nurses who are part of the network understand the changes,” NMNA’s CEO Sarah Hodge said.

“We have also created a section for nurses to talk to their fellow nurses about the changes, including how to best share their experiences and how to plan their day.”

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