What you need to know about nursing shirts

A new set of nursing shirts is here.

The shirts feature the nurse’s favorite color, nurse, in a way that reminds us that the nurse is in charge of the patient.

The idea behind the nursing shirts, according to the designers, is to make us more aware of what nurses do and not do and to provide some of the more practical elements of the profession.

It’s all part of the nurses’ new project, a collaboration between the hospital’s nursing teams and a company called Nursery Tech, which also offers maternity and pediatric nursing products.

“I wanted to give the community a way to recognize a nurse as the person who has been with the patient for the most time and to celebrate her contribution to the care of the family,” said Nancy Mancuso, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Nursery.

“There are a lot of things nurses do that people don’t really know.”

For example, there are no nurse shirts in nursing, but there are plenty of nurse-themed clothing options.

“The idea is to create a new identity for the nurses in the industry and show them that we care about them, that we’re proud of them and that we want to be there for them,” said Stephanie Ziebell, CEO of NurseryTech.

She hopes the shirts will help the nurses and the community come together in support of one another.

The first shirt is available now for purchase at the hospital.

The nursing shirts are available in two colors, red and blue.

The nurse shirt comes in a range of sizes from a 30-inch to a 72-inch, with the 32-inch and the 48-inch sizes coming soon.

“We wanted to really do something with our design and the design of the shirts,” said Mancusa.

“You know what?

We’re going to do this for all the nurses.”

You can find more of the nurse shirts at NurseryTshirts.com.