Which nurses day are you?

A new survey shows that nurses are getting more days off than ever before.

However, the survey also showed that a large percentage of nurses are working more than the recommended three hours a day, with an average of 19.6 hours a week, according to data compiled by the National Nurses United union.

The union said that in 2017, nurses earned a median annual salary of $56,000, compared to $49,000 in 2016, and that the median annual wage for nurse practitioners was $42,000.

The data also showed nurses were working longer hours than ever.

According to the data, nurses worked an average 14.5 hours a night, a record for the nursing profession.

The number of nurses working on overtime has jumped in the past two years, the union said.

According a survey by the American Nurses Association, there were 1,078,000 overtime-related jobs in the U.S. in 2017.